Mid length skirt in the freezing cold

I woke up one morning with the intention of wearing a skirt with thick tights, to go about my daily business. It was freezing outside but, come on the skirt really looked good on me and my formal trousers are “wack”. 

well well, I went ahead with the skirt and tights…till I noticed my tight had a hole:( 

that is so not a nice sight. So I decided to remove them. That skirt wasn’t long and my knees were out. I wore a flat instead of my boots! My legs were stinging!

Is it only me that feels everyone is staring when you feel stupid or dress stupid.

Don’t side eye me if you do not know the scenario!

I felt people were staring:/ at the bus stop.. Like ‘how weird can she be to come out like that’! Then guess what the bus was approximately 20mins delayed…I just had to use the train.

Anyway I got home with a sniffling nose.

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